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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can we help you?

It is important to us that your questions about oral health care are answered completely. On this page we’ve provided answers to some of the questions we hear most frequently. If you have a question that’s not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Am I a good candidate for Dental Implants?

If you have missing teeth, you may have thought about getting dental implants. Not replacing missing teeth can have a negative effect on your appearance. Furthermore, the jawbone in the region of the missing teeth will atrophy, and this can lead to problems with your bite as well as your ability to talk and chew properly.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant will stimulate your body to grow bone, thus the jawbone won’t atrophy as it would if you did not replace the tooth. In order to decide if dental implants are for you, we will take a close look at the density of your jawbone. We will also look at your overall physical health, to make sure you are healthy enough for the procedure.

Contact Woodin Creek Dental 

Please call us today so we can arrange a consultation to decide if implants are right for you.

Are Dental Implants better than bridges?

It is difficult to say which one is better because it really comes down to the individual patient. For some, an implant may be better, for others, bridges.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed in your jaw, where it is allowed to integrate into the surrounding bone. It takes the place of the missing root, which stimulates growth of the bone and gum tissue. This important process prevents your jawbone from deteriorating in the region of the missing tooth. 

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a dental prosthesis consisting of an artificial tooth held in place by crowns attached to neighboring teeth. The bridge fills the space left behind by the missing tooth, restoring your ability to speak and chew properly. A bridge typically requires support from the two teeth in front and behind the empty space.

Dental implants are preferable because of their proven predictability, however, not everyone is a good candidate. Ultimately, the best option depends on your oral health, budget, and timeline regarding treatment completion. A bridge procedure can be completed within 2 weeks, but an implant procedure can take anywhere from 6-10 months, due to healing time post surgery.

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If you feel you may need an implant or a bridge, please call our Woodinville office today to schedule a consultation. We will take a detailed look at your situation and help you determine the best option. 

Experience like no other!

We strive to provide our patients with excellent care and comfort at each and every single visit. The difference is in the details and we invite you to our dental office to experience this difference. We do everything possible to make dental treatment painless, comfortable, and a pleasant experience using state-of-the-art technology.

  • Personalized Care
    We believe an optimal dentist-patient relationship is founded upon what we call a long-term “professional-friendship.” It really does start with being friendly and understanding, and being someone you can trust beyond merely fixing your teeth. We are privately owned and operate independent of any corporate chains. We empower you to make choices regarding oral health and smile enhancements that are best for you through information, technology and thorough consultation.

  • Same-day emergency care
    We realize how painful dental emergencies can be and so we see all dental emergencies the same day. We will do everything we can to relieve your pain and fix the problem.

  • Sedation options
    We don’t want you to put off the dental care you wish to get because of any stress or anxiety. We provide safe and easy sedation options for you depending on your health history, medications and habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking.  Learn more about Sedation Dentistry.

  • Privacy and Comfort
    Our treatment rooms offer quiet and private surroundings and complete comfort where you can immerse yourself in your favorite TV show and feel cozy in plush blanket and pillows while your treatment is being done. No more noisy drilling sounds from adjacent rooms.

  • Complete Family Care
    We welcome patients of all ages and take special care for kids. We offer group appointments for the whole family to save you from multiple trips and have a convenient dental visit. We love kids! And we want them to have a fun time at our office with or without treatment. We have a dedicated play area for kids in the lobby and offer surprise toys and treasure chest.

  • Convenient financial options (With or without insurance)
    We want you to get the kind of care that you desire without letting financial constraints come in your way. That is why we have multiple convenient payment options for you to choose from.    

  • No time to call to make an appointment?
    No worries! Feel free to make online appointments on our website at your convenience. We value your time and you can expect on-time service at our office – Always!

    • Convenient extended hours and weekend
      We are open till late as well as on weekends to accommodate your busy routine. Our office hours are Monday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Tuesday – Friday 10 am – 7 pm, and Saturday 8 am-2 pm. Walk-ins welcome!

    • You deserve to be treated more than just-a-patient!
      At our office, you will find an array of cold refreshing beverages to choose from, or a fresh cup of coffee at our refreshment bar. We also have special drinks for your little ones!

    How do Implants work and what is involved in the process?

    There are three components to a dental implant: the actual implant, the abutment, and the dental restoration.

    What Is A Dental Implant?

    The implant is a tiny titanium post that is surgically placed planted in your jaw. The titanium is naturally biocompatible, so it integrates seamlessly into the surrounding bone.

    The abutment is the part that attaches to the implant once it has fully healed and integrated into the bone. It provides an anchor of sorts for us to secure the dental restoration, which is more or less a crown (it can be made from many different types of material like porcelain or gold).

    The treatment sequence goes like this: first the implant is placed in the jaw. Then we wait for your body to heal from the surgery, and for the implant to fully integrate into the bone. Next, the abutment is attached to the implant. Finally, the dental restoration, which is more or less a crown, is securely attached to the abutment.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    If you have missing teeth, and would like more information regarding implants, please contact our office today and arrange a consultation with our doctors. 

    How stables are Bridges?

    A dental bridge is a very effective and durable restoration. With proper home care, a well-fabricated bridge can provide many years of service.

    Our Woodinville, WA Doctors Have Extensive Experience

    There are certain cases where implants may be utilized in order to stabilize a bridge if the supporting teeth are not strong enough to do it on their own. Our doctors have extensive experience placing bridges.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    Contact our Woodinville, WA dental office today for a dental bridge consultation. In addition, contact our dental team to ask any and all questions you may have. We can’t wait to meet you and get started!. 

    What is involved with getting a Dental Implant?

    Dental implants are a really remarkable tooth replacement method that has helped millions of people regain their whole and healthy smile. Even though implants have been around for many years, most people are unfamiliar with the process involved.

    To understand the process you need to know that a dental implant is actually composed of three parts – the implant, the abutment, and the restoration. These three pieces work together to form what you refer to as the dental implant.

    How Do Dental Implants Work?

    First, a very small titanium screw is surgically placed in your jaw. The body easily accepts titanium, so the implant eventually forms a secure bond with the bone in the jaw.

    Once the site of the implant has healed, the abutment is secured to it. The abutment is the portion of the implant to which the dental restoration is attached. Finally, the dental restoration – usually a crown – is affixed securely to the abutment.

    The result is a fully functional, permanent tooth that looks and feels just like a natural tooth. The implant portion is part of your jaw, so it is permanent. The restoration will last for many years with proper care, but it may need to be replaced.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    Please contact our Woodinville office if you’d like more detailed information about the dental implant process.

    What is the big deal about Dental Implants anyway?

    Up until about the late 80’s, the only options we had for replacing missing teeth were dentures and bridges. These remain effective treatment options, even in the 21st centuary. Dental implants, on the other hand, are meant to be a full tooth replacement, with an artificial root planted in the bone as well as a crown that is meant to simulate natural enamel. You can think of it as a “bionic” tooth. It will look and feel just like a tooth.  

    General Dentistry

    Am I a good candidate for Dental Implants?

    At Woodin Creek Dental, our goal is to do everything we can to prevent the loss of a tooth. But sometimes situations do make tooth extraction the only option we have to protect your teeth and prevent further damage.

    We know that losing a tooth can be traumatic enough, but determining which type of tooth replacement is best for you can really leave you confused. Dr. Goel will talk to you about tooth replacement so that you understand all of your options. This way, we can create a treatment plan that best suits your specific needs.

    Dental Implants At Woodin Creek Dental

    Dental implants are one of the best tooth replacement options available. They are preferred by many patients because they look most like your natural teeth. They are also very stable and function just like a real tooth. The replacement root created by the implant also helps prevent bone loss.

    Dr. Goel creates dental implants that are custom-made to perfectly match the appearance of your natural teeth. He will make sure that the shape, size, and color of your implant restoration (dental crown) complement your own teeth. Since our implants look so natural, no one will ever know you have had an implant placed.

    Contact Our Dental Office

    If you’re facing the prospect of losing a tooth or already have a toot missing, please contact our Woodin Creek Dental office. We will arrange a consultation so that Dr. Goel can sit down with you and explain dental implants and other tooth replacement options.

    Invisalign® Clear Braces and Six Month Smiles

    How can Six Month Smiles work so quickly?

    Many adults are unhappy with the appearance of their crooked teeth, but they live with the problem because they think their only option is years of wearing metal and wire braces. At Woodin Creek Dental, we offer Six Month Smiles clear braces, a great orthodontic treatment that works quickly and doesn’t mar your smile like traditional braces.

    Six Month Smiles clear braces correct misaligned teeth quickly and safely by using the most up-to-date dental technology available. Results can be achieved in such a short amount of time for two reasons – their unique, patented design, and the primary goal of correcting the alignment of only the teeth that are visible when you smile.

    Six Month Smiles At Woodin Creek Dental

    Many people choose Six Month Smiles because of their advantage over traditional braces, including:

    • Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires that are very discreet
    • Treatment time averaging about six months
    • Consistent, predictable results
    • Affordability compared to traditional braces

    Contact Our Dental Office Today

    Six Month braces are effective option for many people, but they may be the best choice for you. We would love to talk to you about Six Month Braces as well as your other cosmetic options. Please contact our Woodinville dental office, and we will be pleased to arrange a consultation.

    How do Six Month Smiles braces work?

    Six Month Smiles braces are an innovative approach to orthodontic treatment offered at our Woodin Creek Dental office. With Six Month Smiles, we combine the best aspects of traditional braces with modified treatment and materials. The result is a straightforward cosmetic solution that fits your lifestyle

    It may seem impossible, but the average treatment time for Six Month Smiles is really only about six months! The Six Month Smiles system is aesthetically pleasing because it uses clear brackets and wires that are tooth-colored, making them more discreet than traditional braces.

    Six Month Smiles At Woodin Creek Dental

    Six Month Smiles utilizes traditional steel wires and braces to reposition the teeth. Treatment time is an average of six months. Treatment is completed faster because Six Month Braces are meant to straighten only the teeth in the cosmetic zone (the teeth people can see when you smile). They are not meant to correct moderate to severe bite discrepancies in your bite, as conventional braces do

    Most adults do not need any bite adjustment, making Six Month Smiles the perfect choice for effective, short-term orthodontic treatment. 

    Contact Our Dental Office

    If you’re interested in learning more about Six Month Smiles braces or our other orthodontic treatment options, please contact our Kirkland Dental office today!

    How does Invisalign work?

    Invisalign® uses a sequence of clear plastic aligners (look like retainers) that are designed to gradually move your teeth into proper alignment. Invisalign® aligners have the advantage of being removable and almost invisible. As a result, you can eat normally and brush and floss more effectively than with traditional braces. Invisalign® aligners are comfortable and easily tolerated by most wearers. 

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    If you think Invisalign would be a good choice for you, don’t hesitate to call Woodin Creek Dental. We are excited to answer any and all questions you may have and don’t forget to schedule your next dental appointment with us.

    How long do I have to wear Invisalign each day?

    At a minimum, 22 hours per day. If you can wear them longer, that’s even better. Due to their removable nature, it is easier to maintain good oral hygiene with-Invisalign vs. traditional wire braces.

    Can You Remove The Invisalign Retainer?

    If you’re an athlete, you can remove the Invisalign retainer so that you can wear a sports mouthguard during play. It’s great to have this freedom, but you have to remember that the more you wear your aligners, the sooner you will see the beautiful results.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    We would be happy to provide more information about Invisalign at Woodin Creek Dental. Please contact Woodin Creek Dental to arrange an appointment for a consultation with our dental team in Woodinville, WA.

    What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

    Cosmetic dentistry includes any treatment that corrects aesthetic imperfections in your smile. We have so many options available today, that there is virtually no problem we can’t correct.

    Teeth Whitening at Woodin Creek Dental

    Teeth whitening is considered to be cosmetic dentistry because it can transform the appearance of your smile. It is a quick and easy procedure that produces dramatic results that greatly enhance the appearance of your smile.

    Porcelain Veneers at Woodin Creek Dental

    Porcelain veneers are another example of a very effective cosmetic treatment. Veneers look natural and can be used to address a wide variety of dental flaws. These include problems like chipped or broken teeth, teeth with uneven spaces, and even severely discolored teeth that don’t respond to whitening.

    Six Month Smiles at Woodin Creek Dental

    Invisalign and Six Month Smiles clear braces are two short-term orthodontic treatments that can quickly and effectively correct misaligned teeth. The bonus is that straightening your teeth also has oral health benefits.

    Dental restorations like crowns are most often used to protect and strengthen a damaged tooth. But we can also use crowns to alter the shape of a tooth or cover an old filling, so in this way they can also be considered cosmetic.

    As you can see, cosmetic dentistry offers us lots of options for correcting a number of imperfections. Please contact our Woodinville dental office to learn more about how these treatments can benefit you.

    What options do you offer for quickly straightening teeth?

    Our office uses both Invisalign® clear braces and Six Month braces to correct moderately misaligned teeth. Each treatment has its own advantages, but they are both excellent options for correcting the appearance of crooked teeth in a relatively short amount of time.

    Invisalign® uses a series of clear plastic aligners that are calibrated to gently reposition your teeth and gradually move them into proper alignment. Invisalign® aligners also have the advantage of being completely removable and almost invisible. This allows you to eat normally and brush and floss more effectively than with traditional braces. Invisalign® aligners are also very comfortable and cause little irritation for the wearer.

    Six Month Smiles At Woodin Creek Dental

    Six Month Smiles are very effective as a solution for correcting misaligned teeth and can provide desired results in an average time of six months. Treatment times are shorter with Six Month braces because they are designed to straighten only the teeth that are visible when you smile; they are not meant to correct your dental bite as traditional braces do.

    Call Our Woodinville, WA Dental Office

    Depending on the extent of misalignment and the correction needed, we can easily perfect the appearance of your smile in as little as six months. If you think Six Month Smiles is the right cosmetic dentistry choice for you, give Woodin Creek Dental a phone call today!

    Will I need to wear a retainer after Invisalign treatment?

    Yes. Almost all orthodontic treatment, short term or long term, will require the need for retainers. Our teeth are always moving, even if we don’t feel it.

    Why Do I Need To Wear My Retainer?

    Even after orthodontic treatment in Woodinville, WA, your teeth will have a tendency to want to move back to where they were before. Retainers hold your teeth in place, helping them to stay in proper alignment. Without a retainer, all the time and money you spent on orthodontics will have been wasted! 

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    Please contact our Bothell dental office for more information about orthodontics at Woodin Creek Dental. Call our dental team to ask any and all questions you may have about our dental practice.

    Pediatric Dentistry

    Do Dr Goel and Dr Chiang treat children?

    Yes we do! Dr. Goel and Dr. Chiang have years of experience working with very young children. Our office has a kid’s play zone to keep your child busy. Pediatric dentistry requires a certain skill set and our dental team are trained to help young children feel comfortable so that they can enjoy the dental appointment and be encouraged to take care of their oral health. The main goal is to establish proper oral hygiene and dental care for your child’s lifetime. If we can make the first few appointments stress free and enjoyable, the more likely it is they will grow to see dental appointments as a positive event. We encourage you to bring your child in for regular exams, in order for us to monitor the development of their teeth.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental Today

    This way we can detect problems early on and intervene. Most importantly, we want to ensure that your child does not associate trips to the dentist with pain and misery. So it’s important to make those first few experiences great ones! Call our Woodinville, WA dental office today at (425)-947-2727 to ensure you child has a great first step in their smile journey!

    Do you recommend fluoride treatment for my child?

    At Woodin Creek Dental, we believe fluoride to be essential towards protecting your child’s teeth. Fluoride can be found in the public water supply as well as in certain fruits and vegetables.

    Establish Regular Dental Exams And Dental Cleanings

    But depending on your area of residency (residents in rural locations live off well water as opposed to public) as well as your child’s susceptibility towards decay, your child may need additional topical fluoride treatments. It’s important to establish regular exams and cleanings so Dr. Goel and Dr. Chiang can keep a close watch on decay development as well as risk.

    Call Our Woodinville, WA Dental Office

    They will determine if the topical application of fluoride is appropriate for your child. We love working on children and helping them develop perfect dental health, please call our dental team to arrange for a dental appointment in Woodinville, WA today!

    How can dental sealants benefit my child?

    Teeth have natural grooves on their chewing surfaces. If these grooves are deep, they can trap plaque and bacteria, and a cavity can form. Sealants are special resin material that is placed into the deep grooves to “seal” them up and prevent plaque and bacteria from getting trapped, thus preventing cavities. There is a lot of research behind the effectiveness of sealants as a preventative measure against cavities.

    Call Woodin Creek Dental Today

    If you think dental sealants could benefit your child call Woodin Creek Dental today at (425)-947-2727 to learn more information and book your next dental appointment!

    How can I keep my child’s teeth healthy?

    At Woodin Creek Dental, we always advise continuing care (checkups and exams) for your child. That way, Dr. Chiang and Dr. Goel and detect problems before they grow and cause permanent damage to your child’s teeth. We have flexible hours and well-trained staff so we can often see all your children on the same day, to make it more convenient for you.

    Maintain Oral Health At Home

    The best defense against oral problems is good home-care oral hygiene, routine dental exams, and professional cleanings. As mentioned above, kids need to learn proper hygiene habits at a young age, to ensure good habits as adults. Regular brushing and flossing is essential. They will probably need your help up until around age 8. If your child insists on brushing herself, check to make sure they are doing a proper job. It is not unusual for kids to not properly brush their back teeth (harder to reach).

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental To Learn More

    If you have any questions please contact our Woodinville dental office today!

    What can you do to make my child’s first visit easier?

    At Woodin Creek Dental, we love treating kids! We know how important it is for that all-important first visit with us to be a success. The future of their good oral health depends on it!

    First, we want to let you know that Dr. Goel has many years experience in treating children of all ages. Dental care for your child requires a gentle, understanding touch, and he knows exactly how to take care of your child’s unique needs any time they visit.

    Why Is My Child’s First Dental Appointment Important?

    Their first dental visit sets the tone for their future oral health care, and we go out of our way to make it pleasant and fun. Our dental office environment is warm and inviting – we even have a special child’s area with toys, games, and colorful posters.

    Our team is sensitive to your child’s needs, and will treat your child as the unique individual that they are. We promise that we will do everything possible to make the first visit stress-free for you and your child.

    Contact Our Dental Office To Learn More 

    If it’s time for your child’s first checkup, please give our office a call. We will be happy to make arrangements for you to visit our dental office and meet our team. We want you to feel completely comfortable that your child’s oral health care is in good hands.

    Why are baby teeth important?

    People often think that baby teeth are unimportant, due to the fact that they will eventually lose them and have adult teeth. However, this is a myth! Baby teeth are important to help your child speak and chew properly. They are also designed to be placeholders for the adult teeth that are developing inside your child’s jaw.

    It Is Necessary To Fill A Baby Tooth?

    Parents often ask us if it is necessary to fill a baby tooth. The answer is yes, in order to ensure that their adult teeth grow in with the proper alignment. If a baby tooth has a cavity that goes unfilled, eventually it will spread into the nerve and cause pain and serious infection, and the adult tooth underneath may not grow in properly, leading to misalignment and expensive orthodontic treatment (braces) to correct the problem.

    Contact Us Today

    Please contact our Bothell dental office today if you would like to schedule a consult for your child. 

    Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

    Am I a good candidate for professional teeth whitening?

    The doctors at Woodin Creek Dental are always available to examine your teeth to determine the causes of your staining. This will allow them to determine whether teeth whitening is an appropriate solution or not. There are certain medical conditions where the teeth are naturally darker than normal. In such a case, the patient may need crowns or veneers to mask the undesired color.

    Contact Us To Schedule A Teeth Whitening Appointment

    Stained and discolored teeth detract from your self-confidence and appearance. At Woodin Creek Dental, we want you to be proud of your smile! Contact our dental office today for an appointment if you would like to speak to one of our doctors about your options.

    Do over the counter teeth whitening agents actually work?

    For home teeth whitening, you have two options: whitening toothpaste and home whitening, or “bleaching.” Whitening toothpaste” contains gentle polishing agents that take away surface stains.

    How Does Whitening Toothpaste Work?

    Whitening toothpaste will only lighten your teeth by about one shade increment. Products for home whitening, or “bleaching,” contain hydrogen peroxide, which removes surface stains as well as stains hiding deep inside the tooth. Like the whitening toothpaste mentioned above, at-home whitening will only lighten your teeth by about one shade increment.

    Learn More About Teeth Whitening At Woodin Creek Dental

    None of the above products are as effective as a professional tooth whitening treatment. At Woodin Creek Dental we use a few different methods for teeth whitening, which is capable of whitening teeth by as much as 16 shade increments! If you would like more information about teeth whitening, call our dental office today!

    I brush my teeth twice a day, why are they still getting stained?

    If you brush properly twice a day and your teeth are still becoming discolored, then your home care is most likely not the problem.

    As we progress through life, our teeth do a lot of work and are exposed to much wear and tear. The result is that our teeth will develop microscopic holes and defects in the enamel surface. This allows stain-producing agents to penetrate into the enamel, causing discoloration and staining.

    Obviously the types of beverages and food we consume are also a huge factor. Drinks such as red wine, coffee, and tea can stain your teeth. Tobacco use is one of the foremost causes of  staining.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    Please contact Woodin Creek Dental today for more info regarding your options for achieving that beautiful smile you deserve.

    Will professional teeth whitening make teeth look too white?

    This is a very common concern. Don’t worry, it is very difficult to whiten your teeth beyond their most natural, whitest shade. You may have seen people with unnaturally white teeth, which may have lead you to be concerned about teeth that are “too white.” Most likely the people you have seen have had other types of cosmetic treatment done such as porcelain crowns or veneers. 

    If you are thinking about having a professional teeth whitening treatment, please contact our office to schedule a convenient appointment. We will take all the time you need so we can answer your questions and discuss your expectations, ensuring that the results are exactly what you hoped for.

    Sedation Dentistry

    How does nitrous oxide sedation work?

    Many people suffer with dental anxiety, which is actually very common. Sometimes their fear is so great that they simply go without dental treatment. Nitrous oxide sedation may be all you need to help you get the treatment you need.

    We have options at Woodin Creek Dental because we want you to be able to relax during treatment so you can stop putting off dental visits and possibly damaging your oral health. Nitrous oxide is a gentle form of sedation that is very effective for many of our patients.

    Unlike other sedation methods, nitrous oxide is very mild. We administer the gas through a small nasal mask, and all you have to do is sit back and breathe normally.

    Almost immediately you will begin to feel rather drowsy and very relaxed. We continue sedation throughout your treatment, and a member of our team is by your side at all times to make sure you are completely comfortable. Once treatment is finished, and we stop the nitrous, you will feel completely normal.

    At Woodin Creek Dental, your complete comfort is one of our top priorities. If you have more severe anxiety, we do have other options for sedation. Please contact our office and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about sedation options.

    I’ve always been afraid of dentists. What can be done?

    We definitely understand you! You are not alone—the majority of people avoid the dentist due to fear. The first thing we do is schedule a detailed consult/exam, to get to know your mouth and your unique situation. By having the doctor getting to truly know the patient and vice versa, we find that this already lessens a lot of people’s fear. If more anxiety control is needed, we recommend Nitrous Oxide (see above), and also conscious sedation (given as a pill) in addition to the Nitrous, to help you relax. 

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental Today

    Our compassionate team of dental professionals at Woodin Creek Dental are here to make you comfortable so you can receive the care and treatment you deserve. Face your dental fear in Woodinville, WA by heading over to our friendly dental office and discover the Woodin Creek Dental difference today.

    Will I be groggy after sedation with nitrous oxide?

    One of the advantages of using nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is that it is a very mild form of sedation that only lasts as long as we’re administering the gas. Once treatment is over, you will feel no after-effects, and depending on the type of procedure you had done, you will be able to go about your normal activities.

    What is Nitrous Oxide?

    Nitrous oxide is very effective for many people who need a bit of sedation to help with dental anxiety. 

    But you may have greater anxiety about dental procedures, and sedation with nitrous oxide is helpful in allowing you to relax completely. With nitrous oxide, you will not go to sleep. You will, however, feel very calm and detached from the activity around you.

    At Woodin Creek Dental, we also offer oral conscious sedation, which provides deeper relaxation. We can also combine this with nitrous oxide for the ultimate in relaxation and stress-free dentistry. Many patients tell us that they have little or no memory of the procedure after it’s completed.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental 

    Please contact our office if you have an upcoming procedure and would like to learn about the benefits of sedation dentistry.

    Will my dental procedure hurt?

    Our first priority is to make you completely comfortable. We use modern technology that can help lessen the pain associated with dental procedures. In addition, we always make sure that you are 100% numb prior to starting the procedure, and we encourage you to let us know if you need to be more numb, as some patients may need more anesthetic in order to achieve the same level of numbness as most other people. We use techniques to give the anesthetic in a gentle way that greatly minimizes discomfort. Call our Woodinville dental office  today to learn more!

    Will nitrous oxide sedation put me to sleep?

    Nitrous Oxide has stood the test of time as an effective form of light sedation for anxious patients. It has been used for over a 100 years! Nitrous is not supposed to put you to sleep, although some may fall asleep. The point is to relax you, and for you to still feel conscious so you can give us feedback on your level of anxiety.

    The gas is inhaled through a mask you wear over your nose. The Nitrous will make you calm. The moment the Nitrous is turned off, you will recover quite quickly and “come back to earth”. It is not necessary to have someone drive you home.

    Call Our Bothell Area Dental Office

    Don’t put off dental appointments due to fear! Call our Bothell office today to schedule a consult!

    Dental Care with Cleanings & Exams

    What kind of toothbrush should I use?

    We all know the importance of brushing twice a day, and flossing at least once daily. So, the short answer is to choose a brush you are most likely to use!

    At Woodin Creek Dental, we know that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of toothbrushes offered at your local store. Electric or manual? Soft bristles or medium? It would be difficult to give one specific answer, because everyone is different and has unique needs.

    How Can Woodin Creek Dental Help?

    Our dental hygienist will usually make the recommendation based on your unique condition. Young children and older people with dexterity problems may find it easier to use an electronic brush that does most of the work. High-end electronic toothbrushes have proven to be quite effective. However, lower-cost ones can also be effective. If you use an electronic brush, make sure you replace the brush and head every three months. Over time, the brush can wear out, and accumulate bacteria. Please contact Woodin Creek Dental if you want more details!

    Contact Us Today

    Please contact our Woodinville dental office to schedule a professional cleaning. At that time, we will be happy to suggest a brush that best fits your particular needs.

    What steps can I take to keep my teeth healthy?

    It’s important for you to be proactive with your own oral health to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Our Woodinville dental office has some tips to help you get the most out of your at-home hygiene and oral health care.


    Brushing your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste removes plaque from your mouth before acid has a chance to adhere to your tooth. If you are unable to brush after every meal, make sure to at least rinse your mouth with water to free any debris from between your teeth.


    Flossing cleans the small spaces between your teeth brushing can’t reach. Flossing is the most effective way for you to remove plaque and prevent cavities from forming in those tiny crevices.

    Use a Mouth Rinse

    Using an antimicrobial mouth rinse on a daily basis helps to kill bacteria and prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Mouth rinse is also helpful in cleansing the hard-to-reach places that your toothbrush can’t reach.

    Watch your Diet

    Stay away from foods with a lot of sugar, junk foods, and starchy foods. Crunchy foods, especially vegetables, are also helpful because they can naturally carry debris off of your teeth as you chew. Avoid too much of acidic juices and energy drinks as they can damage your teeth 

    If you’d like to learn more about taking care of your oral health at home, please contact our Woodinville dental office.

    Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

    How do I know if I have a cavity?

    The unfortunate thing is that tooth decay, or cavities, are nearly impossible for you to notice in the early stages. You may even think “nothing hurts, my teeth must be okay!” By the time you start experiencing sensitivity or pain, the cavity has already done extensive damage. Any attempt to try and “live with the pain” will only doom the tooth towards a possible future tooth extraction.

    Advanced Technology At Woodin Creek Dental

    At Woodin Creek Dental we use digital xrays that allow us to visualize the smallest signs of decay. As with any other medical treatment, early intervention yields the best results. If caught early, cavities can be easily addressed with simple composite fillings.

    Prevent Cavities With Dental Exams

    The best way to prevent or catch cavities early is to see the dentist twice a year for exams. With regular check ups, we can catch small problems and prevent them from becoming huge, expensive, painful problems.

    I have a chipped tooth. What options do you offer to fix it?

    At Woodin Creek Dental, we offer an array of cosmetic dental treatments that can address a broken or chipped tooth. There’s often more than one option for fixing a cosmetic smile flaw, and our dentists will customize a solution that fits all your needs, including your budget.

    Here are a couple of the ways that cosmetic dentistry in Woodinville, WA can solve the problem of a chipped tooth.

    Cosmetic Dental Bonding

    • Cosmetic dental bonding – Bonding is the perfect solution for correcting minor smile flaws like a chipped tooth. We use tooth-colored filling material to fill in the chip, and the result is so natural looking that no one will notice you had any work done.

    Porcelain Veneers in Woodinville

    • Porcelain veneers – Since veneers can be a significant investment, we probably wouldn’t recommend them to fix a single chipped tooth. But if you have several chipped teeth or other flaws like stained or misshapen teeth, a few veneers strategically placed may be the ideal solution.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental Today

    There are lots of ways that we use cosmetic dentistry at our Woodinville, WA dental office to improve all sorts of smile imperfections. If you have a chipped too or another aesthetic flaw that bothers you, please call us to arrange a consultation with Dr. Goel or Dr. Chiang.

    What are my options for replacing old silver fillings?

    At Woodin Creek Dental, we now use a filling made of composite resin. They are commonly referred to as composite fillings. Composite resin will bond to your teeth, and stay in better than silver fillings. They tend to be very durable and natural looking. Composites are a great option for most people, but is not appropriate in all situations
    Another option would be porcelain. Porcelain is a strong, very durable material, and it can be used to repair the defective parts of teeth, giving a very beautiful and natural result. 

    If you are interested in replacing your old silver fillings, please contact our Woodin Creek Dental office. A member of our professional team will be happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

    What is dental bonding and how can it help me?

    Dental bonding is when we use tooth colored composite fillings to rebuild broken or misshapen teeth. The doctors are skilled in using tooth colored composites to create natural looking restorations that blend in with the rest of your teeth. Dental bonding can be used to fix the following:

    Dental Bonding Can Fix Many Issues

    Broken, fractured teeth
    Used to fill in spaces and gaps between teeth
    Severely stained teeth due to medical conditions that cannot be whitened. 

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    Call our Kirkland dental office today if you would like to use dental bonding to address any cosmetic concerns.

    What is the easiest way to fix small chips in my teeth?

    What Is Dental Bonding?

    Dental bonding can be a cost-effective and effective way to restore the small chips and imperfections on your teeth. We use tooth-colored composite fillings to build up the teeth and restore its shape and function. One of the things that makes bonding effective is that we can match the fillings to your teeth in a natural fashion. The process is easy, the doctors prepare the teeth, and then they apply the composite filling and shapes it in a way that blends in properly.

    Contact Our Woodinville, WA Dental Office

    You will leave the office with a new tooth! Dental bonding, however, is not appropriate for all people. Schedule a consult with Woodin Creek Dental to see if you are a good candidate.

    Porcelain Veneers and Dental Crowns

    Can you fix teeth that are chipped or broken?

    Yes! Depending on the extent of the damage, you have several options for repairing broken, chipped teeth.

    The most straightforward, and least invasive method for fixing a small chip is to simply buff it out by smoothing the enamel. We can also use composite resin tooth-colored fillings to fill in small defects. The color of this material can be matched perfectly to the natural shade of your teeth.

    What are Porcelain Veneers?

    Porcelain veneers are another option and can give you a very natural, beautiful, lifelike smile. Porcelain is a very strong, but translucent material that allows it to closely match natural tooth enamel. Teeth with severe fractures may require dental crowns. Modern dental crowns are quite strong and can reinforce a weakened tooth for many years, you take care of it properly. 

    I’m unhappy with the appearance of my smile. Can you help me?

    Most definitely! Depending on your unique situation as well as your needs, we can offer a tailored treatment plan that will provide you with the results you seek.

    Whitening treatments will leave your teeth looking naturally white.

    Porcelain veneers can quickly alter the appearance of your smile by correcting cosmetic defects such as chipped, stained, or deformed teeth.

    Tooth colored composite resin fillings can restore your teeth back to full health and function. These versatile, naturally looking fillings, while not only beautiful, can also prevent further oral health issues.

    Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign and Six Month Braces can be used to rapidly correct misaligned teeth in a reasonable amount of time.

    Find Dental Solutions at Woodin Creek Dental 

    The above treatment options, either by themselves or in combination, can correct the following problems:

    • Stained, unsightly teeth
    • Broken, cracked, or chipped teeth
    • Crooked teeth
    • Teeth with uneven heights
    • Diastemas, or gaps between teeth
    • Old, defective, unaesthetic fillings

    Contact Our Woodinville, WA Dental Office

    If you need help with any of these dental problems give our Woodinville, WA dental office a call and schedule your next dental appointment!

    Okay, so I’ve decided I wanted porcelain veneers. What does the process involve?

    You can think of a veneer as a thin sheet of porcelain that is designed to precisely fit over your teeth. They are often custom shaded to match the color and appearance of your teeth.

    What Happens In A Porcelain Veneer Appointment?

    At the first appointment, we will remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth. This step is needed so that the veneer does not end up looking too bulky with a poor fit. Whatever amount of enamel we remove will be roughly the same amount that we will replace with porcelain. After the enamel is removed, we will take a mold of your teeth. The lab will use this mold to design your veneers. We will often send smile photographs to the lab as well to give them more data to work off.

    Woodin Creek Dental Is Here For You

    Once we receive your veneers, we will fit them to your teeth and adjust them if needed. Once we deem the fit perfect, we will bond the veneer to your teeth. We will also follow up by polishing the veneers so that they feel smooth and blend in perfectly with your natural tooth.

    What can I do to ensure that my dental crown will last for a long time?

    A dental crown is often a big investment, so it is only natural to want to know how you can take care of it so that it lasts. With proper home care, and in the absence of any significant health problems that may alter saliva flow/chemistry, dental crowns can potentially last a lifetime. Grinding and clenching habits can put excess stress on the crown, and this can potentially lead to the crown breaking in the future. We often recommend a nightguard in cases where patients have grinding/clenching habits.

    Maintain Your Oral Health in Woodinville, WA

    Maintaining good oral hygiene at home, as well as making your regular dental checkups and cleanings is the best way to ensure that your crown lasts you a lifetime. During exams, we will take a close look at your crowns to catch problems when they are early and to prevent any substantial future damage. Learn more about how to maintain your oral health in Woodinville, WA by calling our friendly dental office today at (425)-947-2727 and experience the Woodin Creek Dental difference today.

    Will my porcelain veneers look natural?

    If you’re looking for a solution that will resolve certain cosmetic dental problems, veneers are an excellent choice! For many people, they are one of the most effective, natural-looking solutions available today.

    At our Woodinville dentist, Dr. Goel, creates veneers that blend perfectly with the appearance of your natural teeth. You don’t have to be concerned that people will notice the difference. The best dental restoration, cosmetic or otherwise, is completely indistinguishable from your own teeth.

    When creating your custom veneers, Dr. Goel will first talk to you about your desired results. Communication is essential, because we want you to be completely thrilled with your new porcelain veneers.

    Once we know what you want your new veneers to accomplish, we begin the process by removing a very small amount of your tooth enamel. This is necessary to allow the veneer to fit naturally, and the amount we remove depends on your individual case.

    Next, Dr. Goel takes impressions of your teeth that will be used to create your veneers, which usually takes about two weeks. You will return to our office, and we will check the veneers for proper fit, then bond them securely to the surface of your teeth.

    Porcelain veneers are an appropriate cosmetic treatment, but may not be the best for your situation. Please contact our Woodinville dental office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Goel so we can discuss your options.

    Will porcelain venners look natural and match the rest of my teeth? I don’t want a fake looking smile!

    Porcelain veneers can rapidly solve a number of cosmetic problems, and they are virtually indistinguishable from your own teeth in appearance. You can think of a porcelain veneer as a thin sheet of porcelain that is bonded to your teeth. The porcelain, although thin, is also quite strong and durable, and can withstand the natural wear and tear that you teeth endure.

    Porcelain Veneers at Woodin Creek Dental

    The porcelain is often translucent, and is very similar in characteristics to enamel, allowing it to blend in seamlessly. Moreover, the porcelain can be layered and colored by the lab ceramist to give it a natural, “imperfect” appearance, if that is what you desire. At Woodin Creek Dental, we have helped create lots of beautiful smiles using veneers. Patients are often pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and  natural the end result is.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental today for porcelain veneers

    At our Woodinville dental office, we have helped enhance lots of smiles using porcelain veneers. Our patients are always thrilled to see how the natural beauty of veneers can truly transform their smile.

    We know that you will also be pleased at the difference porcelain veneers can make if your smile is less than perfect. Please contact our office for more information and to make an appointment for a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

    Teeth Grinding Treatment

    How can you help me stop grinding my teeth?

    Bruxism (teeth grinding) is a common problem that affects a lot of people. You may not be aware that you grind and clench. Symptoms would be if you regularly wake up with pain in your neck, head, jaw, shoulders and upper back, the following may indicate that you are grinding at night.

    How a night guard can help teeth grinding in Woodinville

    The doctors at Woodin Creek Dental can custom make a night guard for you that can reduce or eliminate the painful symptoms of teeth grinding that can ruin your life. Now, a night guard may not necessarily prevent your teeth from wanting to grind at night, but at least they will protect your teeth and jaw to a degree that no lasting damage is done. Grinding is often caused by a bite that is off (malocclusion) or stress, or both.

    Woodin Creek Dental can help you stop teeth grinding 

    Dr. Goel and Dr. Chiang will do a thorough exam of your mouth to ascertain the possible cause. A night guard has helped many patients, and may be the ideal solution for you too. Call us today at 425-947-2727 to schedule an appointment!

    What are Occlusal splints, and what are they used for?

    Occlusal splints, or Night Guards, are used to treat a wide range of dental problems. One of the most common uses for occlusal splints at Woodin Creek Dental is to treat the problem of teeth grinding or clenching.

    There are many different styles of nightguards, but the main objective with all of them is to reposition your jaw forward slightly, to prevent your back teeth from touching, so that you cannot activate your jaw muscles and grind and clench. The splint also protects your teeth from the wearing down due to clenching and grinding, and helps relieve muscular tension in your jaw muscles. If teeth grinding and clenching goes untreated, it can lead to a TMJ disorder, a condition that affects your jaw joint. This problem can become chronic and difficult to treat in advanced stages.

    Teeth grinding can also lead to migraines in some individual, so reducing or eliminating it can help give you some relieve.

    At Woodin Creek Dental, we will make you a customized occlusal splint that is made to fit your moth perfectly to provide the desired results. Please contact our Bothell dental office so that we can arrange an evaluation and make appropriate recommendations.

    What are some signs that I’m grinding my teeth?

    The majority of people who chronically grind or clench their teeth experience head, neck, or jaw pain when they wake up. Often, patients at our Woodinville dental office are not aware that this pain is associated with grinding of their teeth (bruxism).

    This occurs because you are putting significant additional stress on your teeth, which in turn stresses your jaw joint. Over time, this excess force can cause the joint to break down, leading to TMJ.

    We Offer Teeth Grinding Treatment

    Another sign that you have bruxism is not so obvious. As you can imagine, the stress on your teeth caused by grinding and clenching can lead to premature wearing of your dental enamel. 

    We know that the painful symptoms of teeth grinding can be hard to bear, and even may affect your lifestyle. Fortunately, at Woodin Creek Dental, we have a simple solution called a nightguard that may be all you need to alleviate these debilitating effects.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    If you believe that you are grinding your teeth, please contact our Woodinville dental office. We want you to get the help you resolve the problem so that you can get on with your life.

    Why do I grind my teeth?

    Grinding and clenching, or bruxism, can be caused by muscle tension, stress, and a dental bite that is not aligned properly. It often happens at night when we are not aware of it. There may be pain in the neck, jaw and shoulders in the morning. At Woodin Creek Dental we will do a thorough exam to see if the misaligned bite can be corrected, and an occlusal splint will often be recommended as part of the treatment plan. If you think you may be grinding, contact Woodin Creek Dental today to schedule a consult

    Will is grinding teeth bad for my oral health?

    How Can A Custom Night Guard Help Me?

    It is bad because it can lead to TMJ problems and premature wearing/cracking of teeth. Chronic grinding can also damage restorations like fillings, crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers, and can lead to painful, expensive, time consuming repairs. As mentioned above, a custom night guard is often the treatment of choice of you have a grinding and clenching habit, and most people who have it are not aware of it!.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental today to schedule a consult with Dr. Chiang and Dr. Goel for treatment recommendations.

    Root Canals & Tooth Extractions

    Do you take same day emergency patients?

    Yes we do! Acute dental pain that comes on suddenly is a problem we take seriously, and we are there to help you in a timely fashion. Here is a list of problems that are recognized as dental emergencies.

    Dental Emergencies Woodin Creek Dental Can Help You With

    An accident leading to a broken tooth
    Unexplained pimple or abscess in your gums
    Sudden tooth pain with or without swelling
    A toothache that causes radiating sharp pain. 
    Loss of a filling, crown, or veneer, especially if it is in the cosmetic zone, leading to an unsightly appearance.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental 

    Depending on the emergency, immediate treatment can often prevent further damage, and may mean the difference between saving or losing the tooth. If you have a dental emergency, contact our Bothell dental office immediately, and we will do everything to work you into the schedule and treat you with the care you deserve. 

    How long will it take to recover from oral surgery?

    It really depends on the type of oral surgery you had and how complicated it is (for example, was the tooth impacted, or was it loose and wiggly?). Your general health will also play a big role. Also if you are a smoker, you will have delayed healing, as smoking can inhibit the wound healing process. Usually, after an extraction you can expect some pain and swelling for 24-72 hours. If the extraction is a more complicated surgical extraction, these symptoms may persist for several more days, with full healing potentially taking several weeks, or rarely, a whole month. We will provide you with appropriate medications  as well as post op instructions after the surgery. Taking the medications as well as following the post op instructions will promote faster healing with less complications.

    Our goal is to help you with your dental needs in a stress free setting, we understand your general fear of tooth extractions, and are well trained to help you overcome it. Please contact us at 425-947-2727 if you have any questions!

    Tooth extraction scares me! How can you help?

    Having a tooth extracted can be a nerve wracking experience. Fortunately, we offer sedation to make the experience much better. The doctors at Woodin Creek Dental work hard to preserve your teeth, however, sometimes a tooth can’t be saved, and it needs to be extracted in order to help you maintain good oral health. We are very experience with extractions and have many methods to make the experience tolerable. Both of our doctors are gentle and adept at giving anesthetic. Nitrous Oxide is a simple and effective type of sedation that calms you down with no side effects. Oral conscious sedation can be used to effectively treat severe dental anxiety. What we do is prescribe an anti-anxiety pill that you take before the appointment. If we use this in tandem with Nitrous Oxide, we can provide a very effective sedation that is enough for almost all anxious or fearful patients. 

     Please contact our Woodinville dental office for more information about the ways in which we can help you deal with your fears.

    When is a root canal necessary?

    A root canal is necessary to treat an infected tooth. There are a number of signs that might indicate you need a root canal:

    • A toothache that goes from bad to excruciating.
    • A tooth that is dark in color.
    • Gums that are tender or swollen around one specific tooth.

    It is also possible to have a fever from the infection and a general feeling of malaise.

    The good news is that the fear many people feel when they find out they need a root canal is unnecessary. With today’s modern dentistry, getting a root canal is really no worse than getting a cavity filled.

    How Does A Root Canal Procedure Work?

    When you undergo the root canal procedure, your dentist will drill a tiny hole in your tooth. Using special dental tools, the pulp and bacteria in the root of the tooth will be removed. The area will be flushed with an antibacterial solution to keep the infection from spreading before the root is filled and plugged. In most cases, a dental crown is placed on the remaining tooth structure to strengthen it and prevent breakage.

    Contact Woodin Creek Dental

    For more information on root canals in Woodinville, WA, contact Woodin Creek Dental. A root canal will relieve your symptoms and give you back full function of your tooth.

    Why do I need to have my tooth extracted?

    At Woodin Creek Dental, our highest priority is to make sure that all your teeth stay whole and healthy so that they provide you with a lifetime of use. But circumstances do occur that make extraction of a tooth necessary. However there are few reason where tooth extraction may be necessary 

    Possible reasons:
    Advanced decay that has damaged the tooth beyond repair
    Severe periodontal disease that cannot be eliminated 
    Impacted Wisdom Teeth that are compromising the health of the gums and the neighboring teeth
    Teeth growing in at odd angles, adversely affecting the alignment of your jaw. 
    Dental trauma that has broken a tooth beyond repair
    To make room for orthodontic treatment
    Sometimes baby teeth need to be pulled to make room for the adult teeth to grow in. 
    We understand how challenging tooth extraction can be for anyone. Our kind, caring team and gentle sedation options will make your procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Please contact our Woodinville office  for more information or to make a convenient appointment.

    Why does my child need teeth extracted?

    We understand that the idea of your child having a tooth extracted can be very stressful. As parents, your priority is to keep your child happy, healthy, and free from any unpleasantness.

    Dr. Goel and the team at Woodin Creek Dental always have your child’s best interest and comfort in mind during any treatment. Extractions can be difficult for anyone, and particularly for children who may not be able to understand what is happening to them.

    You have our assurance that we will always use the most conservative approach when it comes to any dental treatment. If we recommend that your child have a tooth extracted, it means that it is the only option available to make sure that their oral health is protected.

    It may be that your child has a baby tooth that is preventing the permanent tooth from erupting properly. It is far easier for us to remove the baby tooth now, so that we can avoid having to deal with misaligned teeth later.

    At Woodin Creek Dental, we value the trust you place in us for your child’s oral health care. We will always discuss all alternatives with you so that you understand exactly why we recommend certain procedures.

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