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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

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We Want to See Your Best Smile!

Professional Teeth Whitening in Woodinville

Boost Your Confidence with a Bright, White Smile

Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you in business and social interactions. A smile can say so much about you at a single glance, and attractive teeth really help make a great first impression.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile because of stained or discolored teeth, our Woodinville dental office can provide the solution you’re looking for. Professional teeth whitening treatments are now more comfortable, safer, faster, and more affordable than ever before and can transform the appearance of your smile in an hour or less. We know that your time is valuable, and we want to provide you with treatments that enhance your appearance and self-confidence as well as your oral health.

We offer teeth whitening options to lighten teeth that have been stained or discolored by age, food, drink, smoking, or medications. We use the most up-to-date technology and products to provide the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

One of the options we offer for teeth whitening is the remarkable KöR® Whitening system. It has been used safely on millions of patients and is proven to be one of the most effective and reliable bleaching systems available to permanently whiten teeth.

Effective Take-Home Whitening Options for Your Convenience in Woodinville

At-home whitening treatments are a safe, convenient option that produces results similar to professional in-office treatments. We provide you with a complete kit that includes custom whitening trays made in our in-house lab, along with simple instructions that allow you to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home.

At-home treatments take a bit longer to produce results, but most patients see a noticeable difference in less than two weeks.

What Makes KöR® Whitening So Special?

KöR® teeth whitening is a revolutionary new treatment that has proven to be effective for removing severe drug-induced stains.

A wide variety of professional whitening treatments are available today. Most of them work by lifting surface stains from your teeth. In contrast, KöR® Whitening is so effective because it actually restores the natural ability of your teeth to absorb oxygen. This is important because the whitening gel has the ability to absorb deeply into your tooth enamel to achieve a truly amazing level of whitening. 

Results will be different for every patient, but KöR® Whitening has been known to effectively lighten teeth by up to 16 shades.

What Does the Whitening Process Involve at Woodin Creek Dental?

Treatment using the KöR® Whitening system involves a brief in-office appointment with Dr. Goel. This is followed by a two-week treatment at home that is designed to enhance the in-office treatment and maximize its effects.

The at-home system is easy to use, and we provide custom-made trays that are thin and very comfortable so you can wear them while you sleep. No further treatment is necessary because the KöR® system produces permanent results.

Will My Teeth Look Unnaturally White?

Teeth whitening using the KöR® system will just leave your teeth looking beautifully white and natural so you don’t need to be concerned about teeth that look “too white.”

Treatments That Completely Transform Your Smile

Whether you want to build your self-confidence or simply look your best, we can provide the treatments you need to completely transform the appearance of your smile. We will talk to you about your specific needs and the exact results you desire from teeth whitening. Our goal is to help you achieve the healthiest, most beautiful smile possible.

Please Contact Our Office Near Bothell for More Information

Please contact us for more information about teeth whitening and other cosmetic services we provide. You deserve to have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, and our convenient hours and financing options make it easy. We also offer extended weekday hours as well as Saturday appointments to fit your busy lifestyle.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering all your questions about teeth whitening. Please call our Woodinville dental office for more information or to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Goel.

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